Monday, August 9, 2010

Sayonara Summer

Well this is my last day before going back to work. Usually I find myself bored and wanting to get back to work by summers end. However, being able to spend every waking moment with my wonderful son has made me going back hard. I now know what it feels like when parents must leave their kids in the care of someone else as they go off to work. It sucks! However, we feel that we have found a great daycare for him. With the help of RonAnna and that makes it a little easier. So please be praying for Luka as well as for us in the coming weeks to get on a routine that can serve us all well. The good thing about Luka is he is friends with everyone and he just jumps right in and starts playing and running around and making friends asap. Just like his old man.

This is also a very big week for me since I am taking on a new job, school, student(s), location, etc... It will be tough at first, but I am just asking God for the guidance and the wisdom to put everything into perspective and to be able to tackle anything head on. Not to stress out and worry about stuff. It does NOT do anything for you and really just brings you down. So if you could also pray for my new job that would be swell.

So this past week. I was able to spend a lot of quality time with, Luka this past week before starting school. This was great and only continues to build our relationship as father and son. Shoko and I have been doing a lot house searching and have narrowed down the city and price range for what we think will be best for our family. So, now it will be a waiting game for getting the down payment together and getting out from under our apartment contract which is not finished until Dec. so we have some time. We also have found a new church it seems and we really LOVE it there. Luka, has been doing great with the 2 year old class and the people already remembered his name (that is because he is such a great kid not a problem child btw...). They have two different services that go on simultaneously one that is more traditional with hymns and such and one that is more modern and upbeat. Shoko and I have been going to the early modern service and think it is just great. The pastor is a great speaker and really engages his audience and makes the time fly and you are having fun as you learn. We will keep going here and even look to get plugged into the church more and try to meet people and maybe make it our new home. So please be praying for us as we make the new and exciting choice in picking this church to be our new home.
Editor's note-
Last week Luka had gotten really sick (103 F) so I was unable to finish this blog until now. So, I'm sorry it has taken me an extra few days to get this out. He is much better now, but we were scared for about 48 hours. Also, I missed my first day of work because I was nursing him back to health. So if it seems a little short or scattered that is because of me and just trying to get back in the saddle again.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend of Horrors

So on Friday the Payne family headed south for a fun filled weekend with our friends and family. The main reason I went back home was to attend a horror convention in Louisville, KY. I had fun catching up with old friends, meeting new friends and visiting with the guests that they had there, but the con was kind of lame. So now that it out of the way let us talk a little bit about the fun weekend that was had by all.

Once we got into town we went straight ahead to visit our beloved friends the Stackhouses. They have three children that are all around Luka's age so it is great fun for them to all play together while us adults talk. Now, I have been friends with Kyle & Erin aka Kyrin since we were all in high school together. They are like my brother and sister and they took to Shoko right away when I introduced her to them over 10 years ago now as my fiance'. So we have grown together for a while now. We miss them a ton, but it is like a family reunion every time we get together. God has really placed this family in our lives and for that we are so grateful. We talked about So. Indiana, church, extended family issues, kids, etc...It was fun and the kids played great together and that is always nice. After the nice visit we piled into the Cube and drove to our home away from home.....

The Mucklows aka JonaBeth are what the hands and feet of God is all about. They had a hot date with some friends so we let ourselves in because we have an all access pass into their home so VIP I know and got ready for the evening to wind down. Once we were settled in they came home and we talked for a few hours just catching up with our dear friends. The next day we had Williams Bakery donuts and it still tasted as it did back in the 80's. I love how some things never change. I then headed off to the HORROR Convention and Shoko took Luka for shopping while Jonabeth did their thang! Later in the day we all met up and went to Tubby's for pizza and pizza like food! Once finished there we were all very full, but we parted ways once again for us we went to surprise my family and they had another hot date, but this time it was just dessert!

Dad was not there when we first got there and Becky and her kids were upstairs and mom was in the back room. Now, you have to know my family because every TV is always on in the house and it is SUPER LOUD at all times so not a single person heard us knocking. Even though I was knocking like I was the police it did not matter. So I opened the door and went around to my parents room and opened the door very gently since I know that they are pacing heat and I did not want to be blown back out the door. So with Shoko behind me and Luka in my arms we went into the lions den and scared the crap out of mom. She quickly realized it was us and was very happy to see us. Once the alarm bell was made silent we all went out to the living room to talk and I went and made it be known that we were there to my nephew and niece. We love seeing them as they do us, but they really like hanging and playing with Luka now. I was able to talk with sister Becky and she was telling me she is doing so much better now after her operation and feels like a different person. This is a true answer to prayer. Dad then came home and we all talked and gave each other a hard time as families do or at least my family. The kids played very well with each other the entire time. Luka really looks up to his big cousin Keelan and imitates him all the time. He even does things here at our home days and weeks later that Keelan did or that he showed him. It is so wonderful!!!! Some examples are Taekwondo punches and kicks, ninja walking, funny faces & jumping ninja style. Once we were finished we packed up and headed back to JonaBeth's crib for sleep.

Luka and Shoko were already in bed when JonaBeth made it home. The three of us talked for a while then we also hit the hay. The next morning Mary Beth fixed us all a AWESOME breakfast. Eggs, sausages & pancakes were on the menu and every bit of it was excellent. Once we all finished we took off back to our adopted home in Central Indiana. We had a great time this weekend so thank you all for making it a grand time. I don't know what we would do without you guys in our lives. So Thank you.

p.s. Shoko would not let me stop at the Antique & Flea Market building on the way back in Austin. :(