Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Back!

First, let me just say I know it has been way to long since my last update. In my defense I moved back from Japan, worked on getting a job, then worked on getting a new and better job, bring my family back from Japan, get Shoko back to work, and now playing Mr. Mom like my boy Michael Keaton. So that is my story and I am sticking to it.

If I try to go back and update all of you fine folks on what has been happening in these last few months it will not be a blog, but a flippin novel so I will just start anew. So please follow along as I give you the Magical Mystery Tour.

Starting this week Shoko and I have decided not to give Luka a morning nap since he is sleeping into the late afternoon for his afternoon because his morning nap puts him later at falling asleep for the afternoon one. You following me? Good! So now this way Shoko can put Luka down at around 8:00 p.m. and he will fall asleep pretty fast instead of playing and goofing around for an hour and it gives Shoko more time to herself and for us to spend time together....

Which brings me to our new obsession CANASTA! That is right we are a couple of 70 year olds playing this card game like we are living in a nursing home. We started playing a week or so ago and having a blast doing so. We have our great new friends who happen to live next door to us here in the apartment RonAnna (Ron & Breanna) also playing with us Euchre when they can. They are a couple of twenty somethings, but as they freely admit they act like old folks as well so this is perfect for us. It also is great for another reason and that is Luka is obsessed with Breanna or as he calls her "Banana". He has just latched onto her and is always wanting to go and see her and Ron or aka "Don". At EVERY morning after breakfast, nap time, or random part of the day he looks at me and gestures knocking on a door for me to let him out of the house and walk about five feet to see if they are home. I have to keep this in check or they will never have a Luka free moment!!! They are so great with him and even in a short time of knowing these fine people Shoko and I are really blessed that God gave us some really cool people to spend time with.

I have been watching a lot of movies recently trying to get through a bunch before I go back to work in a few weeks. I have seen The Crazies (remake), The Wolfman (remake) & Empire of the Ants (B-Movie from 1972 about killer ants) this past week. If you are looking for some good gory fun check out The Wolfman. It is awesome! Great atmosphere, cinematography, music, special effects & costumes.

It has been so hot these past few weeks Luka and I have not been able to do jack squat and that sucks because we both get cabin fever. However, now that he is not taking a morning nap I have more time to do something with him if possible. So today we went to Baker Park here in the Castle and he was the only kid there playing. Which was fine because he had total access. However, he did have fun and played with the swingsets and slides he was more into the dirt, sand & mulch!!! Boys you gotta love them. So as we were finishing up Shoko and I made plans to have a picnic at her place of employment for lunch and she asked me to hit up Subway for her. Now, there is nothing to my knowledge at Subway or little kids like Luka so I had to pick a different place for me/us to eat. Me being the good husband that I am I didn't mind going to two different places. So once at Subway I ordered the food and the lady saw that I was a tad frazzled because I trying to get Shoko's order right. So she was giving me a hard time about its okay for the husband to do the running around sometimes too. I was more worried about the hot sweaty kid behind and I was telling her that and she wanted to see him. The first thing she said was "Oh, he is half Asian." I was like "yes, he is." She then follows that by saying "He is either half Japanese or Korean." I say "He is indeed half Japanese." Lastly, she says "Well he needs a choc. chip cookie because us Asians have to stick together. I'm half Japanese myself" So Luka hit pay dirt and got himself a free cookie. Lucky kid!!!!

Tomorrow, I have my benefits meeting in Greenfield for my new job and so I'm looking forward to that. It nice to be treated like a human with rights and protection again. Unlike here in New Castle where they give you NO sick time, vacation, personal time that is paid. If you don't come in you don't get paid. They do not pay you in the summer it is not even a choice and they give you no insurance or benefits package because they keep your hours to the state minimum so they don't have to pay for that. So thank you God for a company that cares.

This weekend we have a lot going on, but that will be for another post.


  1. Sounds like all is well in the hood! Look forward to seeing you maybe when you come down we will play black jack to make you feel young again

  2. Had a great time with you guys! We need to do it again very soon!